Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Does the assessment that has been done on the building mean that is it is unsafe?

No. The safety of everyone at the Centre is of primary importance to us. The building has a current Building Warrant of Fitness and is able to be occupied.

The NBS (New Building Standard) rating that was part of the assessment applies to the seismic performance of a building in the event of an earthquake only. It is not an indication of any structural issues outside of that. 

Dunedin is categorised under the Building Act 2004 as being in a low seismic risk zone, and there is a considerable period of several years available before any works would be required to be completed.

Q: Why are some retailers not open?

A: Most of our retailers are now open. Two retailers, H&J Smith and KMART, have wanted to consider the assessment further before deciding to return. We understand this request and are continuing to work with them and provide them more information where we can. We will also continue to provide updates on our website.

A few retailers are not ready to open as they are still preparing their operations for trading under Level 2.

Q: What is your advice for shoppers / members of the public and retailers?

A: Everyone should keep safe and follow the physical distancing requirements of Level 2 and help ensure everyone can enjoy their opportunity to return to the mall.